Clinical Research Institute

The Clinical Research Institute (CRI) at the Smith College School for Social Work supports research by faculty, students and the wider social work academic community.


The CRI was initially developed with a generous gift from the Brown Foundation, a Houston-based organization that supports education, the arts and community service. In alignment with the Brown Foundation's aims, the CRI enhances faculty development, serves as a hub for social work practice-based research and supports collaborative work among students, faculty and local communities, with a focus on mutual learning and mentorship. These objectives serve Smith College School for Social Work's goal of fostering excellence in clinical practice through research.

Supporting Research at the School for Social Work

The CRI supports the research development and activities of Smith College School for Social Work faculty and students. 

  • Provide small grants to School for Social Work faculty and doctoral students to support ongoing and new research efforts and their dissemination.
  • Support community-based research and evaluation projects initiated by faculty or community partners.
  • Disseminate information about the School for Social Work's scholarly activities.
  • Increase the mentorship of graduate students in research-related activities.

Dean Marianne Yoshioka is the chair of the CRI.