Community in Support of Those Who've Served & Sacrificed (CSSS)

The Smith School for Social Work makes it a priority not just to train social workers to care for those in the military community, but also to support students with a connection to the military, past or present. To that end, the student-run Community in Support of Those Who've Served & Sacrificed (CSSS) provides peer support and valuable information to Veterans, students actively serving in the reserves or National Guard, or those with significant connections to someone in the military. Student members represent all five branches of the military and military families.

Challenge Coins created by the CSSS group at SSW

Students in CSSS advocate for Veteran students, help them navigate SSW, and use their unique military experiences to foster a positive representation of United States service personnel. They also seek to engage the student body at large in thinking about how war and the military affects their communities and settings where they engage in social work. Topics of discussion include adjusting to civilian and student life after military service, balancing education and military commitments, Veteran related benefits, and recognition of friends and family members. CSSS activities also include screening documentaries, hosting outside lecturers, and organizing dinners with faculty and visiting speakers.


Zachary Wigham


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