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Well, Well, Well: Self-Care at Smith

We recognize that graduate study can be stressful. We also know that the summer pace challenges students to achieve at a high level in a compressed amount of time. Self-care is an essential component of learning at Smith and because self-care means different things to different people, we provide a range of supports from which students can choose to help them during their summer-time learning.

Acupuncture  Needle-little relief from stress, anxiety, insomnia, low energy, allergies, pain or headaches? Acupuncture is now being offered on campus! Acupuncture is painless and effective; using tiny, safe, sterilized needles. It is a complete system of medicine that can offer great benefits and prevention for these conditions and so much more.

We are delighted to offer Group Acupuncture at the Schacht Center for Health and Wellness, in a shared environment, at no cost to students, for all of your healthcare needs. We hope that you can take some time out of your busy schedule to care for yourself with rest and relaxation in a group setting with private consults, and wish you the best of luck this school year! For more information, email or book an appointment online.
Hours: Monday, Tuesday, and Friday from 1 to 6 p.m. beginning June 4 and ending Tuesday, August 14. This includes availability during the break week. 
Please note:  in order to extend this program to as many students as possible, we ask you to limit your appointments to no more than four sessions per term.

Advisers — Each student will be assigned an individual academic adviser whose role it is to check in on your learning and to help you reflect on progress made or issues to address. We recommend you check in with your adviser at least once each term. You can find a listing of advisers/advisees on your Moodle page and in the SSW Face Book Directory.

Athletic Facilities — The athletic facilities provide a wide range of options for physical wellness and workouts. Scott Gym is home to a dance studio, gymnasium, and training room while Ainsworth gym provides a swimming pool with 1- and 3-meter diving boards, five international-sized squash courts, a fitness studio and an intercollegiate gymnasium. Finally, the Olin Fitness Center features 40 pieces of aerobic machines, each with individual TV screens as well as 50-plus weight-lifting stations. 

Disability Services — The Office of Disability Services (ODS) serves as a central point of information and leadership to ensure equal access and full participation for students, faculty, staff and visitors with disabilities. Principles of Universal Design guide us in our work as we strive to proactively identify and remove barriers to participation wherever possible. ODS can be found in College Hall or at or 413-585-2071.

Clinical Consultation Services — The Schacht Center provides students with an opportunity to seek consultation on ways best to support themselves with the variety of concerns that arise during their time on campus. The Center provides short-term treatment and consultation (5 sessions) and referral services to local providers for those who want counseling or therapy beyond what can be provided through the consultation sessions. To arrange a consultation session at the Schacht Center call 413-585-2800 or visit

Counseling Services — Although the Schacht Center cannot provide longer term counseling or therapy sessions, the Smith insurance plan (Gallagher and Koster) covers a portion of services after the initial deductible (see your plan for details); the Schacht Center can refer you to more than 500 clinicians within a 5 mile radius of campus for more ongoing support.

Learning Specialist (by referral of ODS only) — Students experiencing challenges with academics are welcome to consult with the Office of Disability Services to discuss possible supports for their learning. At the recommendation of ODS, a student may also be scheduled for individualized consultation with Smith's learning specialist to discuss learning challenges and strengths and to identify areas to work on individually or through other Smith resources. A limited number of drop in hours will also be available to the Learning Specialist who can help students decide what they need to best support their learning and make recommendations about best next steps to take. For more information call ODS at 413-585-2071.

Professional Massage Services: Massage Guy — Stressed by the pending summer assignments? Invest in yourself — get a massage! Mike Suchenicz, L.M.T., is returning to provide deep tissue and Swedish massage for members of the SSW community at a discount rate ($30 + up for a one-hour massage). To make an appointment, call Mike at (413) 323-4574. Please leave your name and phone number slowly and clearly. For references, go to Mike Suchenicz Massage @ Yelp.

Pastoral Counseling — Each summer Rabbi Rhonda Shapiro-Rieser, an interfaith pastoral counselor, designs and implements services in response to student needs. Among her services has been "Care of the Soul", an interfaith spiritual direction group and individual pastoral counseling. Rabbi Rhonda can be reached at

Restorative Yoga — Through this yoga series you will learn tools for restoring yourself and assisting your clients, from ancient yoga wisdom methods.

SSW Writing Information — The center offers students several services aimed at enabling them to make the most of their educations. Services include individual writing counseling; introduction writing workshops which introduce services; and workshops on time management, study skills and other academic issues. The Jacobson Center is located in Seelye 307. The office's email address is and phone number is 413-585-3056.

Urgent Care — Cooley Dickinson’s Urgent Care unit offers afternoon, evening and weekend walk-in hours to treat non-life-threatening minor illnesses and injuries with skill, compassion and efficiency; and they are just a mile down the road from Smith College! 
Summer Hours:  Monday-Friday, 12 – 8 p.m.; Saturday-Sunday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. For more information go to: or call 413-582-2330.