Benjamin Capistrant, Sc.D.

Associate Professor and Chair of the Research Sequence

Benjamin Capistrant, Sc.D. headshot


B.A., Boston University

Sc.M., Harvard University

Sc.D., Harvard University


Benjamin Capistrant’s research focuses on social determinants of health and aging, particularly social support and health and well-being in later life. Three questions motivate this work: who has care needs; how do individuals get and their families provide support to those with care needs; and how does caregiving affect the caregiver’s health? Capistrant investigates these questions within and across different populations and types of care needs to understand how families adapt and respond to care needs.

Capistrant uses a range of methodological approaches to address these research questions, including primary mixed-methods data collection, quantitative data analysis of existing national survey data, and health interventions. His ongoing work includes work on caregiving in India and the US, LGBT health and aging, and a National Cancer Institute intervention to address health and well-being of sexual and gender minorities with prostate cancer.

Another area of Capistrant’s work is program evaluation and health policy consulting, applied research, and teaching. Recent efforts have included generating demographic projections of older adults and estimating the effect of different policy changes on Medicaid long-term care costs. Capistrant has lead training and consulted to develop community-based organizations’ capacity to demonstrate their impact in the context of Medicaid policy shifts toward value-based payment.

Capistrant is an active and experienced mentor of undergraduate, master's and doctoral students’ research, from conceptualization of the research idea, data collection and analysis, and communicating results through publishing and presenting results in journals and national conferences.

Recent Publications

Capistrant BD, Lesher L, Kohli N, Merengwa E, Konety B, Mitteldorf D, West W, Rosser, BRS. Social Support and Health Related Quality of Life among Gay and Bisexual Men with Prostate Cancer. Oncology Nursing Forum. 2018;45(4).

Capistrant BD, Friedemann-Sanchez G, Novak L, Zuijdwijk C, Ogle G, Pendsey S. Mental Health and Well-Being among Type 1 Diabetes Caregivers in India: Evidence from The IDREAM Study. Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice. 2017;134:168-177.

Capistrant BD. Caregiving for Older Adults and the Caregivers’ Health: an Epidemiologic Review, Current Epidemiology Reports. 2016; 3(1):72-80

Capistrant BD, Berkman LF, Glymour MM.  Does Duration of Spousal Caregiving Affect Risk of Depression Onset? American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. 2014; 22(8): 766-70.