Joyce Everett, M.S.W., Ph.D.

Professor Emerita

Joyce Everett

Contact Information


B.A., Morgan State University

M.S.W., University of Michigan School of Social Work

Ph.D., Brandeis University Florence Heller Graduate School for Advanced Studies in Social Welfare


Joyce Everett’s current work focuses on black women’s stress and coping, diversity, cultural competence and research. She has written about kinship care, foster care, caregiving, attachment and other family and child social policy issues, Everett has been the recipient of private and federal funding to conduct research on kinship care, family resource centers and transracially adopted adults.

Everett co-edited Child Welfare: An Africentric Perspective, with Bogart Leashore and Sandra Chipungu in 1994 and 2004.

At Smith, Everett chaired the Social Welfare Policy Sequence and later co-chaired the Doctoral Program. She teaches doctoral and master’s level courses in social welfare policy, research and education.

Everett received her bachelor’s degree at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Md., her M.S.W. at the University of Michigan’s School of Social Work, her Ph.D. at the Florence Heller Graduate School for Advanced Studies in Social Welfare at Brandeis University, and was a postdoctoral fellow at the School of Social Work at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Selected Publications

Everett, J., Marks, L., & Clarke-Mitchell, J.  (In Press). A Qualitative Study of the Black Mother-Daughter Relationship: Lessons Learned about Self-Esteem, Coping and Resilience. Journal of Black Studies.

Locke, G. W., Shilkret, R., Everett, J. E., & Petry, N. M. (2013). Interpersonal guilt in college student pathological gamblers. American Journal of Drug & Alcohol Abuse, 39(1), 28-32.

Miehls D., Everett, J., Segal, C., DuBois, C. (June, 2013).  M.S.W. student views of supervision: Factors contributing to satisfactory field experiences. Clinical Supervisor.

Hall, J. C., Everett, J., & Hamilton-Mason, J. (2012).  Black Women Talk About Workplace Stress and How They Cope. Journal of Black Studies. 43(2), 207-226.

Hamilton-Mason, J., Everett, J., Hall., C., Harden, S., Lecloux, M., Mancini, S., & Warrington, R. (2012). Hope floats: African American women’s survival experiences after Katrina. Journal of Human Behavior and the Social Environment, 22, 479-499.

Everett, J., Miehls, D., duBois, C., & Garran, A. (2011). The developmental model of supervision as reflected in the experiences of field supervisors and students. Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 31(3). 250-264.