Yoosun Park, M.S.W., Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Chair of the HBSE sequence

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B.A., University of Massachusetts - Amherst

M.S.W., University of Washington

Ph.D., University of Washington


Park’s scholarship, framed within the broad substantive area of immigration, is informed by poststructuralist theories of discourse and methods of inquiry, and pursues two overlapping lines of inquiry: social work's history with immigrants and immigration, and the study of contemporary issues pertinent to immigrants and the issue of immigration. Her examinations of the current and past discourses of the profession aim to identify and engender the development of alternative lines of inquiry, question formulation and conceptualization. Her approach to teaching parallels her scholarly pursuits in its critical mode and multidisciplinary content. Park is the current editor-in-chief of social work’s only feminist journal, Affilia: Journal of Women in Social Work and serves on the board of Social Service Review.

Selected Publications

Park, Y.; Crath, R., and Jefferey, D. (2018). Disciplining the risky subject: a discourse analysis of the concept of resilience in social work literatureJournal of Social Work. First Published September 4, 2018. 

Park, Y., Wahab, S., & Bhuyan, R. (2017). Feminism in These Dangerous Times. Affilia: Journal of Women and Social Work, 32(1), 5-9.

Park, Y. (2015). “A curious inconsistency”: the 1922 Married Women’s Independent Nationality Act and the intersecting discourses of race and gender in the laws of US citizenship. Affilia: Journal of Women and Social Work, 30(4) 560-579.

Park, Y. (2013). The role of the YWCA in the World War II internment of Japanese Americans: a cautionary tale for social work. Social Service Review, 87(3), 477-524.

Park, Y. & Bhuyan, R. (2012). Whom should we serve? A discourse analysis of social workers’ commentary on undocumented immigrants. Journal of Progressive Human Services. 23 (1),18-40.

Bhuyan, R., Park, Y., & Rundle, A. (2012). Linking practitioners' attitudes towards and basic knowledge of immigrants with their social work educationSocial Work Education The International Journal. 31(8), 973-994.

Park, Y., Bhuyan, R., Richards, C., & Rundle, A. (2011). U.S. social work practitioners’ attitudes towards immigrants and immigration: results from an online surveyJournal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies, 9 (4), 367-392.

Park, Y., Quinn, J., Florez, K., Jacobson, J., Neckerman, K. & Rundle, A. (2011). Hispanic immigrant women's perspective on healthy foods and the New York City retail food environment: a mixed-method study. Social Science & Medicine, 73(1), 13-21.

Park, Y., Neckerman, K., Quinn, J., Weiss, C., Jacobson, J., and Rundle, A.. (2011). Neighbourhood immigrant acculturation and diet among Hispanic female residents of New York City. Journal of Public Health Nutrition, 14 (9),1593-1600.