Appendix A: Summer 2021 Class Recording Policy 

APPENDIX Summer 2021 Class Recording Policy 

Per faculty vote, SSW’s commitment to universal access dictates that all classes should be recorded in the interest of accessibility for students, especially in this time of COVID. 
During live class time and asynchronous activities, rules of confidentiality and privacy that typically apply to classroom activities and assignments will apply. 
  • It is expected that client confidentiality be maintained by de-identifying all case and client material discussed/presented. 
  • It is expected that collegial privacy be maintained by refraining from discussing or sharing recorded material outside of the class boundaries. 
There may be rare occasions on which the faculty decides to edit the recording after highly sensitive discussions, removing names, or editing parts of it for confidentiality, while making the full recording and transcript available to students with accommodations or for whom the class was not accessible. Such editing should occur sparingly and thoughtfully. Circumstances under which such edits will pertain may be discussed by the instructor with students and/or arrived at collectively as part of the establishment of community norms for the course. But the full live recording must be maintained for students who rely on it for access and learning purposes. 

The following specifics apply to this policy. Recorded material pertains to audio and transcripts: 
  • Recordings of class proceedings should only be made by faculty. 
  • Recorded materials are to be used only for the educational purposes of the course in which they are generated. 
  • The recordings are not to be shared with anyone who is not a member of the course (enrolled student or assigned instructor). 
  • The recordings should not be posted on any site other than one which is officially sanctioned for the course by the School (e.g., Moodle) and is Smith password protected. 
  • All recordings will be deleted at the end of the course by ITS. 
  • The recordings will not be used for the purposes of evaluating any instructor or disciplining any member of the course. 
  • Any violations of the policy on recorded materials will result in disciplinary procedures in accordance with the School’s ethical and professional standards and the relevant legal statutes.