Di Yoong, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. candidate

Adjunct Assistant Professor
An illustration of Di Yoong

Di Yoong is currently a Ph.D. candidate at The Graduate Center (CUNY). Broadly, they are interested in how identities move beyond just representations, and how they are negotiated through nationalism, transnationalism and diasporic discourses. Currently, they are working on several projects that consider how these relationships are mediated through social media and other online platforms, including in alt-right spaces, K-pop/Hallyu communities, and Boys Love (BL) communities. Thinking through the affordances of online platforms, they investigate how structures of power, such as racism, translates and mutates. They are particularly interested in how queer and trans Asian (Americans) experience these spaces, especially given the rise of Asian American hate crimes. With their interest in digital spaces, they are also invested in the discussions of ethics in computational social science, digital humanities, and public humanities projects, especially as it relates to underserved communities.