Smith SSW M.S.W. Internship Overview 2021-22 Field Year for Supervisors & Directors of Training

Internship Schedule

  • For second year students, the internship year officially begins September 9, 2021 through April 29, 2022.
  • All first year students are required to take SSW’s new Field Preparation Course on September 9 & 10th and will report to their agencies on September 13.
  • M.S.W. students are expected to be in the agency 30 hours a week, including breaks, across 4 weekdays. Specific schedules are determined by the field supervisor.  Because so many students work part-time jobs in addition to their field internships, we encourage agencies to consider 4-day internship schedules, if possible, to allow for students to work and/or complete other M.S.W. program requirements on their 5th day.
  • Students attend a required field seminar approximately one evening/month for 2 hours (10 sessions total).  We ask that supervisors allow for this 2-hour monthly adjustment to their schedule if it happens to conflict with an evening that they are completing their internship hours.
  • Supervisors are asked to contact us to discuss any proposed changes to this schedule and to make sure that any calendar changes are discussed with your student(s) as soon as possible.


  • Interns should receive a minimum of two hours of supervision weekly.
  • Both hours of supervision can be provided by the same primary M.S.W. supervisor or split between two individual supervisors and/or one hour of individual supervision and one hour of group supervision.
  • Primary supervisors must have their M.S.W. degree, a minimum of 2 years post-M.S.W., and be licensed in the state in which they practice.
  • Any proposed changes to the structure of two hours of individual M.S.W. supervision and/or supervisory assignments must be discussed with the faculty field adviser (FFA) and Field Dept. prior to the start of the internship year.

Caseload & Learning Assignments

  • By mid-October students should have built to a full caseload of 12-15 direct service hours a week, which can be spent in a range of activities including work with groups, individuals, and families as well as outreach, clinical case management and work in the milieu.
  • Please give careful consideration when assigning cases to ensure that students get to work with as diverse a client population as possible and that supervisors review with students on an ongoing basis the range and composition of the student’s caseload and other learning assignments and activities. 

Sonia Field Database

  • Sonia is the system by which you and your student(s) will complete the supervisor field evaluations and student field assignments. Supervisors will be issued a username and password by the Field Department in early September.  Refer to the linked Supervisor guide to assist you during the field year. 

Learning Plan

  • Students complete their learning plans in early October in Sonia and review them carefully with their supervisor.  Both student and supervisor sign and submit in Sonia by October 8, 2021.

Process Recordings

  • Each student is required to complete one process recording a week which should be read and responded to by their supervisor(s).
  • Process recordings serve to help students recall and reflect upon their work and provide important focus points for supervision.
  • Students are also asked to share their process recordings with their FFAs and field seminars. 

Interim Progress Reports & Evaluations

  • Interim Progress Reports are due to Sonia on October 11, 2021.
  • Full evaluations are due to Sonia in December and at the end of internship in April. You will find instructions and evaluation criteria in the M.S.W. Student Field Education Guide
  • The evaluation process is extremely important to the student’s learning and feedback should be given and discussed with the student in advance of when the evaluations are due.


  • Each student/supervisor pair is assigned a faculty field adviser (FFA) who serves as a liaison between your agency and the school, as a consultant to the student’s learning process, and is available to work with you and students around any issues which may arise in the course of the internship.
  • Students submit monthly narratives and 2 written assignments to their FFAs during the year.
  • The FFA will visit with you and your student remotely in October-November and, depending on COVID, in person in March-April and will also be available to you as needed by phone throughout the year. 
  • The FFA will also be contacting supervisors and Directors of Training in early winter to plan for the next field year.

Field Guide

Contact Information

  • We are expecting to return to in person work at Smith College in September.  In the meantime, the best way to reach us is email.
  • Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns at any point in the year. | 413-585-7994

Katya Cerar
Interim Director of M.S.W. Field Education and Director of Ph.D. Field Education and Clinical Coordinator

Pronouns: she/her
P: 413-585-7965

Arianne Napier-White
Associate Director of Field Education

Pronouns: she/her

Marybeth Stratton
Field Department Coordinator & Systems Specialist 

Pronouns: she/her
P: 413-585-7965

Note: SSW Field Education coordinates field internships for M.S.W. students. Learn about the Ph.D. field experience on the Ph.D. Field Education page or contact the Ph.D. Program.