Ph.D. Candidate Awarded APsaA Fellowship

The School for Social Work is thrilled to announce that Ph.D. candidate Anne Friedman has been awarded the APsaA Fellowship for the 2020-2021 year. “We are very proud of Anne’s wonderful achievement; she is deeply immersed in psychoanalytic theory and practice and works to extend analytic theory to the sociopolitical realm," said SSW Ph.D. Program Director Ora Nakash, M.A., Ph.D.

“I am thrilled for the opportunity to learn from and contribute to a cohort of clinicians who are interested in using analytic theory to think together," said Friedman.

As an example to Friedman's original contribution to the field, in her comprehensive exam she offers a conceptualization of how repetition compulsion, previously theorized as residing solely in the intrapsychic and interpersonal realms, can be extended to dynamics of sociopolitical trauma (the paper is currently under review in Psychoanalytic Dialogues).

The Fellowship Program is designed as an early-career initiative for future leaders and educators in the fields of academia, mental health, psychiatry, psychology, social work and multidisciplinary endeavors. It provides an opportunity to gain knowledge about psychoanalysis and become involved in one's local and national psychoanalytic community.

"I’m excited to use this year to expand, deepen and challenge some of my clinical and research questions that have germinated at Smith.” - Friedman

While Friedman is working on developing her dissertation, she continues to critically examine and explore social and psychological theories of power as they impact clinical settings and therapeutic process.  

Visit APsaA to learn more.