SSW Faculty Awarded Associate Professor, Tenure

Smith SSW is pleased to announce the promotion of Ben Capistrant, Sc.D to associate professor with tenure.

Capistrant's research focuses on social determinants of health and aging, particularly social support and health and well-being in later life. Three questions motivate this work: who has care needs; how do individuals get and their families provide support to those with care needs; and how does caregiving affect the caregiver’s health? Capistrant investigates these questions within and across different populations and types of care needs to understand how families adapt and respond to care needs. 

A member of the faculty since 2017, Capistrant is chair of the Research Sequence and is an active and experienced mentor of undergraduate, master's and doctoral students’ research, from conceptualization of the research idea, data collection and analysis, and communicating results through publishing and presenting results in journals and national conferences.  

"Ben's promotion is an exciting and wonderful recognition of all the many contributions he has made through his research, scholarship and teaching." 
- Dean Marianne Yoshioka