Reserve Readings

We can make material available on reserve:

  1. As hard copy (physical books and journals). We will put books and journals we own, as well as copies of material you provide, on reserve at the circulation desk in Neilson Library. Items may be borrowed for three hours.
  2. Electronic Reserves (e-reserves) on Moodle. We will scan or link to book chapters and journal articles, and make them available on your Moodle course site. Students then have access any time, on and off campus. It is recommended that you complete Moodle training before choosing this option.

Please note: If you want students to read more than 10 percent of a book, you should put the actual text on hard copy reserve.

General Guidelines

  1. Send your course syllabus to your Sequence Chair by the deadlines they have specified. Once the syllabus is approved, the SSW Registrar's Office will send a copy of the readings for reserves processing. If your syllabus arrives late, reserve materials may not be ready on time. Please do not send your syllabus directly to the library.
  2. Only required readings will be placed on reserve. Please mark required reserve readings clearly on your syllabus.
  3. Please be mindful of staff and students' workloads in selecting required readings. Please maintain a 50 page limit per class session when assigning required readings.
  4. If you provide photocopies of material, you must include a complete citation and copyright notice (e.g., ©1897 by Oxford University Press) on the first page of each item.
  5. Refer to Universal Access requirements for accessible documents.
  6. When necessary, we will seek copyright permission for materials you wish to use. Please review the copyright information.
  7. We will notify you of any problems. Please respond promptly so we can ensure that all needed reserve material will be available on time.

If you have questions, please contact a member of the library staff.

Phone: 413-585-2910
Fax: 413-585-2904, Attn: Reserves

Additional Guidelines

Hardcopy Reserves

  1. Books and periodicals owned by the Smith Libraries will be placed on reserve. To check library holdings, search the online catalog, call the reference desk at 413-585-2966, or send questions by email to
  2. We will order books that the Smith College Libraries do not own. We will not order journal issues or begin new subscriptions.
  3. We will ask you to provide copies of articles from journals we do not own. Remember to include a full citation and copyright statement.

Electronic Reserves

  1. We will check which of your reserve readings are already available electronically and will link them to your Moodle course site.
  2. For items we do not have in electronic form, we may ask you to provide a clean, crisp, one-sided photocopy to be scanned. On the first page, include a complete citation and copyright statement (e.g., ©1987 by Oxford University Press).
  3. We will list readings in Moodle, organized in the order they appear on your syllabus unless you request otherwise.
  4. We cannot scan entire books or journal issues. We will put them on hard copy reserve.
  5. For large multi-section courses (e.g., 101/102, 301/302, 160/161, etc.) with a common syllabus, please consult with your course coordinator on how reserves will be handled.