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This document is a summary of the suite of Information Technology systems and services available to SSW students, including links to instructions and/or more detailed information.

Zoom (web conferencing)

Each SSW student is provided with a Zoom Pro account for use throughout their time at Smith. Your Smith Zoom account will automatically activate when you login to Zoom using your Smith credentials for the first time. You can access your Smith Zoom account through the web portal at or by downloading the Zoom app to your computer or tablet.

Zoom App

We recommend downloading the Zoom App to your device. While the web portal is best for scheduling and editing meetings, the app is the easiest way to join Zoom meetings.

  • Zoom for computers (Mac and Windows):
    • Select Zoom Client for Meetings and follow the prompts to install.
  • Zoom for tablets or smartphones:
    • Available on the App Store or Google Play Store

Remember to check for Updates regularly in the desktop app (Mac and Windows OS). Open the app on your computer, then select your profile picture or initials in the top right corner. Select Check for Updates from the drop-down menu If there is an update available, select the blue Update button and then Install . Follow the prompts on your computer to complete the update. Note that Version 5.0 will automatically update after May 30.

There are a number of documents available to help you become familiar with Zoom controls and features on the Supported Tools page of the Smith COVID-19 Digital Support Site. These include:

Sign In to Zoom Before Joining a Class or Meeting

To help prevent “Zoombombing” (when uninvited people join a Zoom meeting), many meetings require that participants login to their Smith Zoom account as a way to verify identity before joining a meeting. You can login to Zoom before a meeting through the web portal or through the Zoom app. For more information, see How to Sign In to Zoom.

Troubleshooting a Poor Zoom Connection

If your Zoom is experiencing interruptions, try the tips below to help minimize the disruption:

  • Close any browser windows and/or applications you’re not using during the meeting.
  • Stop your video. Video requires a lot of bandwidth, so stopping your outgoing video can allow for more incoming video and audio.
  • Leave and rejoin the meeting.
  • Switch to your phone for the audio connection:
    • Select the arrow next to the mic icon in the lower left corner of your Zoom screen and select Switch to Phone Audio .
    • Follow the instructions to dial-in.
    • You must include the Participant ID when dialing in or it can create an audio feedback loop.

Google Suite

Google Suite is Smith's supported platform for email, calendar, contacts, and individual/shared file storage. To learn more about Google Suite, go to Google's Learning Center > Learn by product , or check the Google Suite page on the ITS website.

You can access your Google account through the Smith Portal or by going to and signing in with your Smith email account and password.


Moodle is Smith College’s Course Management System. This is where you will find many of your course materials. You can access your Moodle account through the Smith Portal or by going to SmithMoodle and logging in with your Smith credentials.

Smith Provided Software

Smith has licenses for analytical, graphical analysis, media, productivity, statistical, and other software programs for use by Smith community members. Examples of software available to Smith students include:

  • R/Rstudio
  • Nvivo
  • Adobe Suite

See the Guide for Accessing Smith Provide Academic Software for more information on academic software available for download and how to access software through Splashtop. All Smith students are eligible to install Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus on up to five (5) personally owned computers and mobile devices. Your account will remain active as long as you are an active Smith student and you launch at least one Office application each month while connected to the Internet. For more information, go to Setting up Office 365.

Device Security

Maintain Your Devices:
  • Patch: Keep your computer Operating System (OS) up-to-date.
  • Update: Keep your web browsers up-to-date with the latest release.
  • Protect: Use Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software ( Malwarebytes or Sophos Home Edition are two good options)
  • Duo: Use Smith’s two-factor authentication software. For information on setting up or updating your registered devices, see the Smith Duo Two-Factor Authentication page.

Maintain Best Practices:

  • Passwords: Don’t use the combination of your Smith email and password for other non-Smith logins.
  • Be aware of Phishing or malicious emails: Remain diligent in considering whether an email is legitimate before responding or opening any attachments, particularly if the email asks for personal or access information (usernames, passwords, credit card details). For more information, see the Smith ITS Phishing page.

Other Resources

  • Smith Portal [ ] - Convenient access to multiple Smith resources, including email, Moodle, and BannerWeb (used for accessing your student schedule, final grades, and financial account information).
  • LinkedIn Learning (Formerly - Unlimited access to over 2,000 courses on a variety of software and technology topics. Access your LinkedIn Learning account through the Smith Portal > General Info tab .
  • Equipment Loans - Smith College is providing laptops and Wifi hotspots for students while the college is in remote delivery of classes. Priority is given to those with demonstrated financial need based on the information provided by Student Financial Services. Requests can be submitted through the Request Help link on the Smith COVID-19 Digital Support Site
  • Smith College Computer Store - Smith students can receive education discounts on computer systems and peripherals purchased through the Smith College Computer Store.

Getting Help

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