Offering Continuing Education Credits (CEs) Through Smith

Procedure for applying for authorization of Continuing Education hours (CEs) for state social work relicensure

All licensed social workers must satisfy a prescribed number of continuing education hours as a condition for license renewal. The Smith College School for Social Work is certified by the Massachusetts Board of Professional Licensure and the New York State Education Department's State Board for Social Work to review and authorize issuance of Continuing Education credits for programs sponsored by professional organizations that meet the Boards’ standards. 

Apply here to offer CEs for your program via Smith SSW.

The Office of Professional Education is responsible for processing this commitment of the School. According to the standards of the state Board, programs shall:

  • Be taught by a qualified instructor
  • Be relevant to social work
  • Have well-defined objectives
  • Have a reading list containing a majority of references that are less than 10 years old
  • Have a written evaluation component to offer feedback on the effectiveness of the program

It is the responsibility of the applicant agency to:

  • Submit information which describes their continuing education offering and its objectives
  • Indicate the program's specific relevance to social work
  • Present the instructor(s) qualifications
  • Include the bibliography and include a copy of the program evaluation program
  • Indicate the exact number of contact hours. Fifty contact minutes equals one Continuing Education Credit (CEC) or Continuing Education Hour (CEH), which are interchangeable terms. The 50-minute change was incorporated to accommodate short breaks and disruptions; longer breaks must be eliminated in calculating the “hours”


It is also the responsibility of the sponsoring agency to keep attendance and award a certificate to all participants who attend the entiriety of the course time. This certificate of attendance should include the following:

  1. Name and address of sponsoring organization
  2. Name, address and license number of participant
  3. Title and date of the program
  4. Instructor's name
  5. Course method (i.e. in-person, self-study, etc.)
  6. Authorization number, by whom the authorization was given, and number of contact hours
  7. Signature and title of a representative of the sponsoring organization
  8. You must also include the statement below that indicates the entity and course are approved by the State Boards for Social Work

This program was approved for  [NUMBER] Continuing Education Credits by Smith College School for Social Work and assigned authorization number [AUTHORIZATION NUMBER GIVEN TO YOU BY SMITH], in accordance with Continuing Education Regulation 258 CMR 31.00 in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Smith College School for Social Work, Office of Continuing Education SW CPE is recognized by the New York State Education Department's State Board for Social Work as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed social workers #0169.

The fees that are charged for these certificates of attendance should be limited to what they actually cost. Sponsors are further encouraged to offer scholarships and some programs at reduced fees for the benefit of workers with lower incomes. The sponsor should keep an attendance list of those persons who received certificates, their license numbers and the evaluation forms for six years after the date of the event. The evaluation forms and attendance lists should be available on demand for routine monitoring by SCSSW.

Organizations and agencies interested in having their programs reviewed should complete the application form and submit it with the appropriate fee. The application fee for programs not charging a participant fee is $45.00 per program. For programs charging participant fees, the application fee due to Smith College is equivalent to the registration fee collected from the first 10 registrations, not to exceed $150.00.