Ph.D. Career Statement and Learning Goals

Comment briefly about the basis of your choice of social work for a professional career, and on how your family of origin may have influenced that choice. Describe the salient features of your professional experiences in practice, supervision, administration, teaching, research and community service. On the basis of what you have learned about your work, and about yourself; specify your aims for a course of advanced study, your research interests and the professional questions or problems on which you would like to work further.

Describe the major educational opportunities you have had since graduation (such as supervision, psychiatric consultations, attendance at seminars, institutes) and evaluate their benefits to you.

List papers presented at professional meetings, publications and other reports showing evidence of your capacity to undertake advanced study. If possible, append reprints or copies.

The full document should be no more that 4 double-spaced pages.


Please note: If an applicant enters the program, this career statement becomes a part of the student's confidential file which is available to all faculty. The information in this file may be shared with authorized members of the faculty and staff of the school.