The Basics: Trans 101

  • Video: Trans 101
    ​​​This engaging 8-minute video introduces the basics of gender and various gender identities. This is a great resource for anyone who is looking for a first introduction to Transgender 101.

  • Introduction to pronouns, from The Gender Book
    This visual explains what pronouns are and shows the many different types of pronouns that people use and examples of how to use them. It is a useful tool for students and faculty members as an introduction to pronouns.​

  • ​Video: Why Pronouns Matter
    This video expresses the importance of honoring pronouns from the perspectives of many different trans and gender non-conforming folks, each exploring their relationship to the concept of gender pronouns.​

  • Gender Pronouns FAQs
    This concise guide to gender pronouns includes some useful FAQs. Click on the questions to see the answers. ​