Smith College Portal

Important note for anyone with a computer running Windows XP

The Portal is a customized website that allows Smith students, faculty and staff to access many Smith web-based services and information sources with a single log-in.

You can access the Portal anywhere with a working Internet connection, whether on or off campus.

When you go to the Portal and enter a valid Smith network username and password, the Portal:

  • Authenticates your log-in credentials

  • Retrieves information from the Portal database about your role (student, staff, or faculty), software access rights and display settings

  • Displays a version of the Portal customized for you

From the Portal, you can access a variety of web-based services—such as Smith email, BannerWeb, Moodle, Box cloud storage, and Lynda training courses—without having to sign on to each of these services separately. This allows you to work more efficiently, reducing the need to remember multiple links, software start-up protocols and passwords.

You always have the option of accessing these services directly, without logging into the Portal. The only exception is Lynda online training, which you must access through the Portal.