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Student Org Representatives



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Off-Campus Representative (A'21) Leah Mlyn  The off-campus representatives create off-campus events for the entire student body.
Communications Representative Britt Goh A'21 You can email the communications representative during the first semester with info and events you would like shared in the weekly Student Org email.
Student Org Secretary Krisi Heller A'21 The secretary posts minutes from all Student Org Meetings on the Student Org Moodle Page.
Treasurer (A'21) Jenn Wahr The treasurers manage the Student Org budget, which funds all other student groups.
Treasurer (A'20)  
Class Representatives (A'21) Kristina Maher and 
Mae Ehrnfelt
Class representatives are responsible for planning cohort events on campus, such as the Anti-Thesis Breakfast, Baccaleaurate, and gathering input on A'20's desires for commencement speakers and other ways to mark our graduations! We take feedback from the cohort about growth, change, and salient issues affecting our class.
Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with ideas or suggestions and be on the lookout for our emails throughout 2019-2020 field year about our final summer events.
Class Representatives (A'21) Aaron Hume Class representatives are a conduit between their cohort, student orgs, and the relevant College administration. We're also responsible for coordinating and planning orientation!
Field Placement Representatives Christine Rowghani (A '21) Field Representatives work together with students and the Field Office to address systemic challenges in Field, as well as support and advocate for individuals navigating their field placements throughout the year.​
Megan Butterfield (A '21)
E4 Asaelle Mendez A'21 E4 hosts weekly meetings of the Executive Committee (the voting members of Student Org) and weekly Town Halls (lunchtime meetings open to all students). They also meet weekly during the summer and monthly during the field year with the SSW Deans to communicate student needs and collaborate on initiatives. Send an email to e4-team[at] with anything you need support on.​
Shweta Tembe A'21
Arrow Wickett A '22
Ryan Miller A'22
Financial Aid Representative Sam Sheppard A'21 Send the financia aid representative an email if you would like assistance navigating financial aid at Smith, or are interested in taking part in larger conversation around how to financially support future students.
Social Action Representative   Send the social action representative an email if there is any cause, organization, or event related to social justice you would like included in the social action weekly email blast. Also available for interpersonal support related to social action.
Academic Support Services Representative Simone Budzyn Send the academic support services representative an email if you have questions about any academic concerns.
This is such a stressful environment, but community and classmates are what makes this place wonderful!​
Registration Representative Not Filled
ARCC Representatives Lauren Greis A'21, Ben Bigney A'21, Rowan Oake A'22, Sam Mashaw A'22 The ARCC reps act as official representatives of the Student Body and have the responsibility of attending all ARCC meetings during the summer and field year to foster collaboration between Student Org (and funded student groups) and the Anti Racism Consultation Committee (ARCC).
Admissions Representative Jake Spivack A'22 Send the admissions representative an email if you have any ideas for making the admissions process easier to navigate for incoming students and better ways to uphold the anti-racism commitment in regards to admissions.
Curriculum Co-Chairs (A'21) Gillian Goldberg Curriculum Committee organizes the end-of-summer student survey, which is sent out to all current students asking for feedback about all components of the M.S.W program, including classroom experience, curricular integrity and quality, views about how the Anti-Racism Commitment is being implemented, preparation for field experience, and any other miscellaneous feedback or suggestions. We then provide recommendations to the administration for next steps.
If you have any concerns about either explicit or implicit curriculum, please contact one of us.
Wil Schwartz 
Curriculum Co-Chairs (A'22) Laura Gillespie
Curriculum Committee Secretary

Rachel Weitzenkorn (A '21)

The curriculum committee secretary takes notes for the curriculum commitee and posts them appropriately.
CCSR: Research Representative (A'21) Pauline Bernard You can email the CCSR: research representatives with any questions about the research sequence, especially as it relates to the research practicum. ​
CCSR: Social Welfare Policy and Services Representative (A'21) Emily Rivard CCSR: social welfare policy and services representatives act as liasons between students and the policy sequence chair regarding questions, concerns, and comments related to course curriculum.
CCSR: Social Work Practice Representatives  (A'21) Simone Steinberg CCSR: social work practice representatives acts as a liason between students and the practice sequence chair regarding questions, concerns, and comments related to course curriculum. ​
CCSR: Social Work Practice Representatives (A'22) Eliza Kaplan
CCSR: Human Behavior in the Social Environment Representatives (A'21)   Contact CCSR: human behavior in the social environment representatives with any any questions, comments, concerns, or critiques regarding course curriculum in the HBSE sequence.
CCSR: Human Behavior in the Social Environment Representatives (A'22)  

Student Group Representatives 

Student Group



Council for Students of Color Sarah Coleman (A '21)
Anairis Boror (A '22)
The Council for Students of Color extends membership to all students of color. The council was founded to acknowledge and support minority students’ experiences at Smith. It raises issues relevant to the total Smith community concerning the relationship of race and clinical practice, and plans an annual symposium on these issues. The council is dedicated to the training of social workers better able to meet the needs of the minority community.
QTPOC   An affinity group for Queer and Trans People of Color.
TGNC Student Group Asaelle Mendez An affinity group for Trans and Gender Nonconforming folks.
Students Impacted by Ableism Kristina Maher A'21 The Students Impacted by Ableism group strives to promote awareness, education and support around ableism and issues of impairment and disability, on campus and in the field, for students, faculty and staff. The group is open to the entire School for Social Work. We are made up of people with disabilities; friends, allies and family members of people with disabilities; and allies and persons of Deaf culture. Neither disclosure of a disability nor identifying as having a disability is necessary to participate in this group.
Jewish Student Alliance Laura Vitale, Leah Mlyn The Jewish Students Alliance embraces a full spectrum of Jewish experiences and identity, from those with a strong religious background, to those for whom being Jewish is important culturally, to those with little knowledge about being Jewish, and to those students who wish to connect with an aspect of Judiasm. The group meets weekly for an informal discussion on a topic related to being Jewish, and to plan events that including speakers and community-building activities.
Unlearning Racism Lauren Greis A'21, Shaina Ferguson A'21 Unlearning Racism meetings are a weekly student-led open space to build skills for a personal and collaborative practice of antiracism and accountability, especially for students who benefit from white privilege. Unlearning Racism meetings are also an opportunity to process and learn from experiences of harm in the classroom, and to move with these stories to a place of solidarity with our colleagues of color.
International and Immigrant Students Group   International and Immigrant students who have transitioned and immigrated from their home country to the U.S. have experienced different levels of educational, cultural, and social changes. IISG provides international and immigrant students a space to explore how their transition and immigrant experiences influence their multiple identities.
XA Clara Wagner A'21 An anonymous, “all kinds of recovery welcome" group open to any and all recovery for any and all behaviors.
Spirituality Group Marcus Price This group is a space for us as clinicians to bridge the gap between clinical social work and spirituality. The Spirituality Group is not connected to any particular faith but is welcoming of all faiths and varieties of meaning-making. This is a place of story-sharing, support, accountability in discernment and personal growth, spiritual conversation, sharing of meaningful resources, meditation, and, most of all, connection.
Financial Aid Advocacy Group Kate Beemer Students organizing around financial aid equity.
Latinx Affinity Group Asaelle Mendez A'21, Solanlly Cañas A'21, Laura Rubio A'22  
Conversaciones Clínicas en Español Asaelle Mendez A'21, Solanlly Cañas A'21, Laura Rubio A'22  
Mixed Race/Multiethnic Group    

Council for Students of Color Leadership



Faculty Liasons Tracy Estrada, Allegra Wyatt
General Meeting Coordinators Grace Wong, Asaelle Mendez
Secretary Laura Rubio
Historian Mayra Garcia
Curriculum Committee Rep Rachel Steindler, Annie Want
Field Placement Rep Kristin Woods
Student Org Rep Anairis Boror, Sarah Coleman
Social Chairs Nanjala Luvisia, Felicia Kanu