Tools & Resources

Smith OneCard

Incoming SSW students and faculty must submit a passport style photo by April 30, so that the College can create your Smith ID Card (a.k.a. OneCard) prior to your arrival to campus.

Onecards are required for all students, faculty and staff. It functions as your key for access to Residence Houses and Dining rooms, it is also your library card, dining card and it is needed to print in the library and computer labs.

For information about photo submission formats and deadlines, visit the OneCard Photo Submission Guidelines page

First year students: Note the instructions for Entering School for Social Work students on the OneCard Photo Submission Guidelines page.

Students who are unable to upload a photo may submit a hard copy, passport-style photo to the SSW Registrar's Office by March 30. Photos must still meet the guidelines provided by the OneCard Office.

For more information, visit the Smith Onecard website.


BannerWeb is used for accessing your schedule, your grades, the course evaluations and your narrative evaluations and for doing online registration. You need your 99 (OneCard) number and a PIN to log in to BannerWeb directly or through the Smith Portal.

ITS Server Status

You should consult the ITS Server Status when the BannerWeb or other systems appear to "go down." Power outages and other situations beyond the control of the school occur with some frequency during times when our students are using BannerWeb. The server status site is the best way to learn whether a technical problem you are experiencing is the result of one of these emergency situations and when ITS estimates the problem will be resolved.


Moodle is a Web-based course management system used by faculty to post course materials on the web and by students to access those materials. Within Moodle, students and faculty may use a course calendar, announcements, threaded discussions, virtual chat, email, online file exchange, online tutorials and content searching. Not all courses use all Moodle features. When a course is added or dropped through the add/drop process, SSW registrar's office staff will make the appropriate changes in Moodle.

Google Apps for Education (Smith Mail)

Smith College email uses the Google Apps for Education platform. Smith Mail can be accessed via the Smith website or the Smith Portal using your network username and password.