Deepening Clinical Practice 2024

June 14, 2024, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm EDT
Smith College Campus Center, Northampton, MA | 5.5 CEs

Equity in an Uncertain World: the Role of Social Work

How do we uphold the mission of social work and adhere to our values and ethics in the face of escalating animosity and extremism, coupled with the rollback of legal protections for marginalized communities and attacks on human rights? This conference serves as a vital platform for social workers and clinicians to reaffirm their commitment to social justice and equity and delve into the essential role that social work plays in these unsettled times.

The Deepening Clinical Practice conference presents knowledge and essential skills while providing a space for clinicians to ground themselves, connect with peers and explore ways to support one another and their clients. It explores the practical challenges social workers encounter when state guidelines conflict with social work values. This conference delves into strategies for practicing social work without succumbing to overwhelming moral distress and offers insights on how to care for both our communities and ourselves in the process. 

We will discuss how social work clinicians can honor the communities we serve and recognize the transformative beauty that emerges through the power of collective care. Join us on June 14, 2024 to learn about clinical anti-oppressive practices, macro social justice initiatives and how to mitigate the effects of moral distress and vicarious traumatization.

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Registration will open in spring 2024.