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InDepth Archive

InDepth is the biannual magazine of Smith College School for Social Work. The magazine features the work and research of faculty and alumni. 

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Cover of InDepth magazine from Fall 2023 featuring two students standing in front of a PRIDE balloon arch with a laptop open in front of them.
Fall 2023Missing from the Narrative - How mixed race clinicians are filling gaps in clinical experiences; The Carceral State - Incarceration and the role of social work in the system; Barriers to Care - Addressing the challenges of mental health care access across the globe
Cover of InDepth magazine from Spring 2023 featuring a mother and child sitting on the ground looking at a book during a prayer service.
Spring 2023Shifting the Center - Intersectional explorations of the everyday lived experiences of BIPOC parents and families; Great Expectations - Bringing a social work lens to the perinatal experience; Forced Migration - Supporting the mental health of migrants, refugees and immigrants.
Fall 2022 InDepth cover
Fall 2022Pushing the Envelope - Psychdynamic approaches that tap into the transformative powers of art; A Radical Act- Centering joy and healing with self-care; Our American Problem- Seeking a sense of safety in a nation plagued with gun violence.
InDepth cover Spring 2022
Spring 2022Radical Love Unlimited - Centering Black girls' experiences and histories;  A Life Force - Remembering Ann Hartman, Dean Emerita; Burnout - Finding support in quarantine; Human Connection - Confronting the pandemic of youth mental health during COVID-19.
InDepth cover Summer 2021
Spring 2021Five Core Principles - An account giving of the creation of the five Core Principles and the School's continuing anti-racism work; Slowing the Spread - How Kris Evans led in Smith's COVID-19 planning; Making an Impact - How three alums have made an impact through their contributions to SSW.
Spring 2020 InDepth cover
Spring 2020 Reframing HIV - After nearly four decades, social workers continue to be on the cutting-edge in their work with HIV-positive clients, at-risk communities and a society that continues to stigmatize them; Four-Legged Colleagues - Alums embrace animal-assisted therapy; Making the Case - Why we teach psychodynamic theory. Plus a community letter from Dean Yoshioka regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Spring 2019 InDepth cover
Spring 2019Inspiring Change - How a culture of acceptance was fostered at SSW; Hearts and Minds - SSW student organizations provide essential support and advocacy; Building Career Ladders - Assistant Professor Maria Torres is focused on workforce development for frontline workers.
Fall 2019 InDepth cover
Fall 2019From Clinic to Campaign Trail - Politics informed by social work; On the Frontlines - School placements offer changing landscape and growing edge for SSW interns; Let's Talk about Sex - Shinning a (night) light on psychotherapy and the erotic.
Spring 2018 InDepth cover
Spring 2018The Second Century - Advancing clinical excellence to strengthen populations most in need; The Fears Within - Islamophobia prompts mechanisms toward understanding; Community Epidemic - Clinicians treat addiction's growing impact; Heeding the Call  Responding to the needs of those who identify as trans/GNC; Safe Home - Helping vulnerable youth to achieve futures of promise.
Fall 2018 InDepth cover
Fall 2018Oh, What a Time - Highlights of the SSW Centennial weekend; Helping Rebuild Lives - Joanne Corbin broadens her work with war-torn communities in northern Uganda; Group Champions - Class by class, SSW instructors spread the gospel of group therapy.
Spring 2017 InDepth cover
Spring 2017A Welcome Refuge - SSW partners with Catholic Charities and area social workers to provide resettlement support and services to arriving refugee families; Taking Care of Moms - After conducting years of postpartum depression research, Associate Dean Peggy O'Neill finds screening, treatment and support for new mothers is increasing - with outstanding results.
Fall 2017 InDepth cover
Fall 2017How We Got Here - Historical parallels emerge as anti-immigrant rhetoric returns in America; Bridging the Gap - Professor Jim Drisko passionately connects research and practice with his students; Yes, and . . . - SSW alums find value in therapeutic improv.
Spring 2016 InDepth cover
Spring 2016Mindfulness in Clinical Social Work, Tolerance and Conflict Resolution in Africa, Brave Heart Lecture on Native American Historical Trauma, Clinical Research Institute update, Alumni Lives, donor profiles and our annual Donor Report.
Fall 2016 InDepth cover
Fall 2016LGBTQ Family Matters: SSW Faculty members and alumnae share insights and research questions from their current work with LGBTQ families, including what social work is doing right and where we can do better; Community Talk :Phebe Sessions reflects on her decades of bearing witness to the power of community; Meaningful Action: Dean Yoshioka offers her perspective on the SSW anti-racism commitment, recent protests on campus and the work ahead. 

Circle of Excellence Award

CASE Circle of Excellence God Award emblem.

The spring 2022 edition of InDepth won a Gold Circle of Excellence Award from CASE in the category of Alumni/General Interest Magazines. 

From the Judges: The judges were impressed by the publication, which boasted a well-designed layout that exuded a high-quality touch. The attention to detail and visual appeal of the publication contributed to its engaging nature, capturing the readers' interest and holding their attention. The judges recognized the commitment to excellence and their ability to create a captivating reading experience.