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Clinical Social Work Practice—Our Specialization & Our Commitment

Three students sit in an orange study space in the Campus Center. Two are working together while the third reads in the background. There are open shelves filled with books lining the walls.

Clinical social work is defined by the idea that in order to understand someone, you must work with what is both inside and outside of that person, the micro and the macro. The work is informed by your client’s thoughts, emotions, behaviors, relationships – but always in social, economic, political, and cultural context, the inner and the outer are never separate. Clinical social work and social justice are inextricably linked and we have been pioneering their integration for over a generation. Our M.S.W. program provides a theoretically-grounded, relationship-based, culturally-informed approach to working with individuals, families and groups to promote healing, growth and empowerment.

Our 27-month master's degree program alternates ten weeks of intensive curricular coursework with two 8-month supervised internships to provide you with the optimum learning experience.

A student sits behind their laptop in the classroom. They are wearing a mint green polo shirt and have curly dark hair.

"There has to be intentional accountability and call in of harm for there to be mutuality or solidarity for anything we do in social work."

Chynna Aming  

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