Employment-Based Internship Application

To be considered as an Employment-Based Practicum (EBI), the agency must be able to meet the following criteria:

  • A total of 960 hours in practicum learning between the end of classes (mid-August) and the M.S.W. student’s return to campus (end of May).
  • The flexibility for the employee/M.S.W. student to attend 10 weeks of class instruction at Smith from June to mid-August.
  • The opportunity for the employee/M.S.W. student to undertake a change in work focus and role (or a new position at the agency).
  • New assignments which are designed to meet Smith’s defined learning objectives for the internship. The assignments should include:
    • a focus on educational needs
    • two hours of supervision a week by an M.S.W.-level clinical supervisor with a minimum of 2 years of experience post-M.S.W.
    • the completion of one process recording a week by the M.S.W. student/employee, with feedback from clinical supervisor and
    • the opportunity to engage in approximately 12-15 hours of direct practice each week with individuals, families, groups, and/or communities.
    • it is also preferable that the M.S.W. student/employee be given the opportunity to participate in additional forums for learning (e.g., case conferences, staff meetings).

The Directors of Practicum Learning may approve an employment-based practicum in accordance with CSWE’s policy on employment-based placements, at their discretion.  This policy states that practicum tasks, clients, and assignments can be the same as their employment as long as the tasks have clear linkages to the nine social work competencies and their associated behaviors as well as any competencies added by the program.  

In addition to the guidelines above, students are encouraged to complete their practicum learning placement within a different department or unit of their employment agency. We encourage students to have two supervisors - a  supervisor to provide clinical supervision as part of the practicum learning placement and an employment supervisor.  In cases, when this isn’t possible the practicum supervisor and employment supervisor of a student can be the same person. In such cases, supervision time for the practicum placement must be separate from supervision time for employment (CSWE.org).  Advanced Standing students may complete an employment-based practicum as long as they can successfully demonstrate the core competencies and the advancement of their skills.   An employment-based agreement will be required for any student who wishes to complete their practicum where they are employed*.   

Please note: this form must be filled out jointly by the applicant and the agency Director of Training/Official Agency Representative.

Applicants considering submitting an EBI proposal are strongly encouraged to apply by the early decision deadline.

* When holding the role of an employee, expectations for performance and learning may be different and even under the best circumstances this can be challenging to navigate. It is important that your learning as an M.S.W. student is protected and prioritized in this employment role.

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  • Student Current Employment Responsibilities
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Employment-Based Internship Application