Employment-Based Internship Application

To be considered as an Employment-Based Internship (EBI), the agency must be able to meet the following criteria:

  • A total of 960 hours in internship learning between the end of classes (mid-August) and the M.S.W. student’s return to campus (end of May).
  • The flexibility for the employee/M.S.W. student to attend 10 weeks of class instruction at Smith from June to mid-August.
  • The opportunity for the employee/M.S.W. student to undertake a change in work focus and role (or a new position at the agency).
  • New assignments which are designed to meet Smith’s defined learning objectives for the internship. The assignments should include:
    • a focus on educational needs
    • two hours of supervision a week by an M.S.W.-level clinical supervisor with a minimum of 2 years of experience post-M.S.W.
    • the completion of one process recording a week by the M.S.W. student/employee, and
    • the opportunity to engage in approximately 12-15 hours of direct practice each week with individuals, families, groups, and/or communities.
    • it is also preferable that the M.S.W. student/employee be given the opportunity to participate in additional forums for learning (e.g., case conferences, staff meetings).

To be considered, the employee/M.S.W. student must have completed the probationary period at their current agency by February 21.

Please note: this form must be filled out jointly by the applicant and the agency Director of Training/Official Agency Representative.

Applicants considering submitting an EBI proposal are strongly encouraged to apply by the early decision deadline.

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Employment-Based Internship Application