Important Process Dates and Information

2024-2025 Standard EnrollmentYear 1 & Year 2
(Final Summer = BPP1 only)
BillBill Pay PeriodBPP1BPP2
AdvanceForm to SFS by:5/10/202410/25/2024
 Direct Deposit:5/17/202411/1/2024
 Checks Mailed:5/17/202411/1/2024
RefundAid Disburses:6/3/202411/19/2024
 Direct Deposit:6/7/202411/22/2024
 Checks Mailed:6/7/202411/22/2024

Important Notes:

  1. Student Financial Services (SFS) is located at 106 College Hall. Email: | Phone: 413-585-2530 | Fax: 413-585-2566
  2. Charges for each Bill_Pay Period (BPP) must be paid in full by the Due Date shown. Bills are generated on a monthly basis for miscellaneous fees, if incurred.
  3. Max $1,500 advance allowed once prior to each BPP. First available advance date per BPP listed in chart. 
  4. An advance or refund will not be processed unless all loan requirements needed to disburse the loan are met and confirmed by SFS in a timely manner.
  5. Refunds are processed for actual credit balances only. Pending credits do not qualify. SFS will automatically generate refunds on a weekly basis after the beginning of the Bill_Pay Period.
  6. Students returning from a leave or withdrawal under an individual agreement with the Dean, such as a July or September start date, should contact to inquire about processing dates as they apply to you. The standard chart listed here does not apply.
  7. While College staff work diligently to meet the dates listed, please note that College processing dates are approximate and could be changed due to processing constraints, unforeseen College closings or Banner system issues.