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Thank you for your interest in presenting at Smith College School for Social Work.

We are currently seeking proposals for two types of events: webinars and virtual seminars. 

Live Webinars are synchronous lectures with a moderated Q&A at the end and possible polling. They are 1.5-2 hours. These courses are recorded with the possibility of creating an online course. Participants need to be able to see the slides, type in questions to the Q/A box, participate in polls and hear the presenter. Webinar presentations require a full rehearsal and the presenter to write at least 15 (1.5 hour) to 20 (2 hours) post test questions.

Live, Interactive Webinars (formerly called Virtual Seminars) are taught in Zoom meeting and offer the same lively interaction as our on-campus seminars but from the safety of your own home. Seminars may include role plays, group discussions, breakout room activities and/or practice applications. Attendance for these courses is capped. These courses are not recorded so one must attend live to earn CEs. Participants are asked to have their microphone and camera enabled. These classes can range from 2-12 hours, with any class of more than 3 hours broken up over multiple days.

In Person Seminars are presented on campus in a classroom setting to foster discussion and interaction. Seminars may include group discussions, role plays and/or practice applications. Seminar enrollment is capped at 30. These seminars are not recorded, so one must attend in person. There is not currently a mask mandate on campus, so please take COVID-19 precautions that fit your needs. These seminars will run for 3, 6 or 12 hours (a 2 day course) with breaks. Both 6 and 12 hour courses will include a longer meal break.

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If you are unable to use this form, email us or call us at (413) 585-7970.

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