Racial Monopoly Capitalism

Racial Monopoly Capitalism - Dawn Belkin Martinez, Ph.D., LICSW

Dawn Belkin Martinez, Ph.D., LICSW, delivered the 2018 Lydia Rapoport Anti-Racism Lecture, Clinical Social Work in the Age of Neoliberalism: “Staying Woke” and a Path Forward for Clinical Practice.

Martinez is a Clinical Associate Professor at the Boston University School of Social Work and was formerly an instructor in psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School. Trained as a family therapist, Martinez worked as the senior social worker on the Inpatient Psychiatry Service at Children’s Hospital Boston for 13 years and is the co-author of the book Social Justice in Clinical Practice: A Liberation Health Framework for Social Work. Dawn is one of the founding members of the Boston Liberation Health Group and gives presentations locally, nationally, and internationally about her work with Latino youth, immigrant families, liberation health theory and practice, and social justice.