Davis Chandler, M.S.W. '11, LICSW

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Email: dchandler@smith.edu 
Pronouns: they/them

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Davis Chandler (they/them) was clinically trained at Smith SSW and graduated in 2011. They have worked in a community mental health setting with children, families and adults; for a small nonprofit working with adults experiencing extreme mind states and major life disruptions and currently maintain a private practice with the Center for Psychotherapy and Social Justice in Northampton. They are the co-director of Translate Gender, an advocacy, education and therapy nonprofit working towards gender justice.

Their clinical work exclusively serves erotically marginalized communities with queer, trans, nonbinary, poly and kink identified clients, families and relationships. Their areas of interest include: nonbinary and trans identities, alternative family structures, issues concerning sexuality or sexual practices, queer family building, fertility issues, trauma, grief and loss. The heart of their work is social justice and it is their mission to disrupt and resist white supremacy, patriarchy, cissexism, ableism, heterosexism, fatphobia and all systems of oppression.