Maria del Pilar Bratko, MFT, Ph.D.

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Pronouns: she/her

Maria Del Pilar Brakto looks at the camera.

M.A., New College of California
Ph.D., Smith College School for Social Work


Maria Pilar Bratko has been in practice for 18 years serving a wide range of clients. She has held a number of administrative roles at Bay Area training clinics, from didactic instructor to clinical director. Her M.A. in clinical psychology is from New College of California and her Ph.D. was completed at Smith College School for Social Work.

She maintains a private practice specializing in working with immigrant psychologies, among other marginalized identities. Recently, she acquired her license to practice in New York in addition to California.

Maria del Pilar Bratko generally teaches advanced courses to post-degree clinicians in the northern California from a psychoanalytic lens. She teaches in several formats from didactic lectures to experiential workshops.

Her research focuses on treatment considerations when working with an immigrant psychology. She enjoys presenting her research about the immigrant psychology internationally, particularly at interdisciplinary conferences. In addition to presenting and teaching, she has been a clinical director at a Bay Area training clinic where she revamped the training program to reflect a more diverse and equity-driven mission.

She maintains a private practice in Oakland, California and recently acquired her license to practice in New York.

At Smith College this year, she is teaching a course covering contemporary psychodynamic theories.