Mariko Ono, M.S.W. '06, LCSW

Practicum Seminar Instructor


Mariko Ono headshot

Mariko "Mod" Ono, LCSW (she/her) is an Asian American, queer-identified social worker on the West Coastline. Ono received her M.S.W. from Smith College SSW in 2006 and has mainly worked at Kaiser Permanente in Northern California and Oregon in their mental health departments. Her experience includes individual and group psychotherapy, intensive outpatient case management, and ER crisis work. She has a background in DBT, CBT, Asian American identity development, queer identity, mindfulness, and crisis risk assessment. She has also worked for Smith College SSW as an adjunct faculty member since 2007. She is a caregiver for her mother with Alzheimer's disease alongside her family members. Ono lives in Portland, Oregon with her wife, who is also a Smith College SSW alumna, and their daughter and 3 cats.