Harm Reduction in a Social Work World

May 03, 2024, 12:00 pm – 3:15 pm EDT
Virtual Event
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This course will review the basics of harm reduction as well as offering a drugs 101 of how substances can impact the individual, including mental health and other life areas. This training also reviews harm reduction techniques and interventions that can be utilized when working with someone who uses drugs. Participants will learn about current substances that are frequently used and how to recognize any signs or symptoms of use and possible overdose.

Participants will explore the connection between substance use and mental health and learn the factors to consider in establishing a trusting relationship with a client who is using substances, in order to provide the most appropriate and effective support to them. Finally, participants will discuss systemic issues that contribute to the stigma and judgment placed on drug users and how to be part of the change in those systems on a micro level.

3 CEs available.

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