"Unboxing" Ourselves and Our Clients: Making Space for LGBTQIA+ Identities

July 17, 2024, 1:00 pm – 4:15 pm EDT
Virtual Event
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The question is no longer whether we have LGBTQIA+ clients, but whether they feel safe enough to share this aspect of their identity with us, and whether we know how to invite these identities into the room with us. So let's talk openly about the language we use when we discuss sexuality and gender with clients; about the lens of heteronormativity we are trained to see the world through, and about how to bring sexual and gender identities into the therapeutic relationship with awareness, respect and openness.

This workshop provides participants with a clear understanding of sexual orientation, sexual identity and gender identity. It is appropriate for participants with any level of knowledge regarding these identities, and offers straightforward, accessible, open discussion with opportunities for questions to be asked and answered. Accurate language and concrete tools to be effective allies and advocates will help practitioners in respectfully addressing sexual and gender identities.

3 CEs available. 

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