Associate Professor Rory Crath Awarded Tenure

Rory Crath

At its meeting in February, the Smith College Board of Trustees approved tenure recommendations for School for Social Work faculty member Rory Crath, effective July 1.

Professor Crath brings a sociological and visual studies imagination, humanities thinking and years of experience as a community activist and youth worker in Tkaranto (now known as Toronto, Canada) to his work. His research focuses primarily on how colonization, racialized capitalism, and state-direct liberalism shape the contexts in which knowledges about marginalized communities is generated and what alternative ways of imagining and practicing social services and health care might arise from centering what is often sidelined: the knowledge paradigms, artistic and political expressions and embodied practices being cultivated in queer/trans/Black/Indigenous and other minoritized life worlds. 

Professor Crath's work was recently featured in InDepth

"This is an exciting moment and recognition for all of Professor Crath's hard work and many contributions to the School, our programs and our students," said Dean Marianne Yoshioka, MBA, Ph.D., LCSW, "Please join me in congratulating Professor Crath!"