People News - Smith SSW March 2022

Entries are chronological based on submission date. 

Cathleen Morey, M.S.W. '00, published an article in Clinical Social Work Journal, "Co-constructing a Conceptual Understanding of System Enactment". 

Cheryl Aguilar published an article in NASW's Intersection of Practice entitled "Helping Clients Adjust to a New World, Don't Forget about Grief". Aguilar is a member of the class of 2023. 

Alison Mitchell, Ph.D. '18, recently published an article in the Discovering Theory in Clinical Practice: A Casebook for Clinical Counseling and Social Work Practice journal entitled "Object relations psychodynamics: The case of Elyse." Her comprehensive exam paper, "Attached, addicted, & adrift: Understanding the rural opioid crisis" was also published in Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services. Mitchell is a tenure track professor in social work at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire. 

Phuongloan Vo, recently published "In the Fertile Minefield: Navigating Challenges and Opportunities with Facilitating Self-development and Growth in the Intercultural and Interracial Clinical Treatment Dyad" in the Clinical Social Work Journal.  Vo is finishing their Ph.D. 

Adjunct Professor Julie Clockston co-authored Sistah Hooded: Stories of Strength and Resilience on the Doctoral Journey. It is available from online booksellers.

Mahajoy Laufer's, M.S.W. '12, 2012 thesis entitled "Black students' classroom  silence in predominantly White institutions of higher education" was referenced in an article about students of color adapting at BYU

Eda Harris-Hastick, M.S.W. '67, Ph.D., professor emeritus at Medgar Evers College, CUNY, was honored during the 15th Annual Social Work Conference for her instrumental role in starting the social work bachelor's program.