Charla Malamed, M.S.W. ’20 Awarded APsaA Fellowship

Smith College School for Social Work is pleased to share that Charla Ruby Malamed, M.S.W. ’20 has been awarded the APsaA Fellowship for 2020-2021. Malamed completed their second-year internship at the Center for Counseling and Psychological Health at UMass, Amherst, where they developed a space for clinicians (specifically white clinicians) to delve into the nature of whiteness and white supremacy, particularly as it unfolds in the clinical context.

“I have been deeply influenced by my professors and peers at the School, and by my colleagues and clients at UMass.” - Malamed

Malamed has continued exploring the integration of social justice work with dynamic/analytic clinical work, specifically in white clinician/white client dyads. Their paper, “A White Person Problem: Conducting White/White Treatment with a Social Justice Lens,” is currently under review in Psychoanalytic Social Work. “I plan to use the Fellowship mentoring program to continue investigating this issue through surveying/interviewing, active intervention in systems and through writing and presenting at conferences," Malamed said.

Malamed's professional interests include exploring the tension and complementarity between social justice and interpersonal/intrapsychic healing and growth; the relationship between spirituality and individuation; queer and trans-feminist theory and implications for clinical work; sexuality, gender, and embodiment; process groups and the creation of spaces in which paradox, conflict, and difference can be played with creatively and constructively.

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