Daily Hampshire Gazette Reports on 100 Years of Smith SSW

July 12, 2018

The Smith College School for Social Work was featured in a front page article on the Daily Hampshire Gazette on July 7.

The renowned Smith College School for Social Work ... is still a “sole specialization clinical school” all these years later. And this summer, it is marking its centennial, reflecting back on all the work that began with that first class in 1918.

“This was radical 100 years ago – women providing psychiatric services to men,” the school’s dean, Marianne Yoshioka, said in a recent interview.

Now, the program has opened up to students of all genders, and includes master’s and doctoral programs. And although its focus has expanded to include many forms of trauma, its core mission — helping those in need, and the inherent dignity of all — remains its central focus.

Smith College School of Social Work hits 100-year milestone