Transphobia & Racism, and Other Intersections

  • Video: Laverne Cox Interview with Katie Couric
    This short video clip depicts Laverne Cox speaking to the ways mainstream media’s focus on objectifying trans people’s bodies diverts attention away from the real issues faced by trans and gender nonconforming folks — including disproportionate violence faced especially by trans women of color. This is a must-see video for faculty and students alike.
  • U.S. Trans Survey 2015
    This important piece of data collection provides the first set of comprehensive statistics for transgender people in the United States. The report and summary detail the findings and implications for transgender people, which are important to supporting transgender advocacy and trans competence practice. The summary is easily accessible for students, faculty and field, and the full report can be utilized in scholarly work.
  • New York Times: Transforming History Video
    This 11-minute video produced in 2015 by the New York Times gives a brief overview of some key moments in the history of the trans rights movement, especially about the work of Sylvia Rivera, a Latina trans activist who participated in the Stonewall uprising. It also interviews trans woman of color activist Lourdes Ashley Hunter, and talks about the historical and current exclusion of trans people from the gay rights movement. Content note: The video includes a brief but intense description of sexual assault. The video was produced soon after Caitlyn Jenner came out and uses her former name in a way that would not be appropriate in a video produced today.
  • The Link Between Autism and Trans Identity
    Author Bryony White reviews some of the recent research and ongoing questions about autism and trans identity, and discusses responses from the trans/autistic community including and the barriers to accessing care that individuals with both identities often encounter.