Prohibition on Faculty-Student Romantic or Sexual Relationships

The School for Social Work upholds the Smith College Policies on Title IX, gender-based and sexual misconduct, and other forms of non-discrimination. All SSW permanent and contract faculty are expected to be knowledgeable of, and responsible for, upholding these policies.

The purpose of this document is to communicate clearly our expectations regarding sexual and romantic relationships between employees and students and to give fair notice that engaging in such unacceptable conduct may give rise to disciplinary proceedings, including referral to the Title IX office, dismissal from employment, and/or prohibition against future employment at the SSW.

Because of their potential to damage the bonds of mutual trust and responsibility upon which this intellectual community depends, it is strictly prohibited for any faculty member (defined as all permanent faculty, contract faculty presently teaching, and contract faculty under agreement to teach in an upcoming academic term) to have a romantic or sexual relationship with a student who is or will be enrolled during the faculty member’s employment at the SSW. Such relationships are prohibited regardless of whether the student is an adult, the relationship is consensual, or there is any direct or indirect pedagogical relationship between faculty member and student. Failure to abide by this policy will result in discipline to the faculty member, up to and including dismissal from employment at the College. Any pre-existing, ongoing romantic or sexual relationships, including marriage, with a current Smith College student must be disclosed to Human Resources prior to hire.