Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Marsha Kline Pruett’s current research looks at family dynamics and development, both normative and non-normative, with a specialization in the promotion of healthy child and family development during life transitions, particularly those transitions related to adverse events or circumstances. Her clinical research incorporates preventive interventions, consultation, program design and evaluation.

Another current area of research and intervention Kline Pruett is involved in concentrates on increasing father involvement with their children. The Supporting Father Involvement project aims to reduce child abuse and neglect and enhance family well-being through an intervention that encourages father involvement and couple co-parenting (among married and unmarried parents) in family resource centers.

Kline Pruett involves undergraduate and social work graduate students in every aspect of research and writing on various projects. Students learn research skills and publish book chapters and articles. Doctoral students also attend and present at conferences and seminars that Kline Pruett attends in the local or national community.

Kline Pruett is the recipient of numerous federal, state and private foundation grants and is known nationally for the development, implementation and evaluation of preventive interventions in schools and courts.

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