Smith SSW Policies and Accreditation

This sections contains important information regarding Smith College School for Social Work policies and accreditation. Smith College SSW is governed by the policies and procedures of Smith College. For more information visit College Governance and Policies

Smith SSW M.S.W. Handbook

The Smith School for Social Work Student Handbook is the student’s guide to the School. It contains the most up-to-date information available on:

  • M.S.W. Program requirements
  • Academic policies and procedures
  • Enrollment and registration procedures
  • Resources and services for students

Students are responsible for knowing the School and College’s policies and procedures as published in this Handbook and the Field Education Manual. Please take the time to read both carefully.

This Student Handbook is intended only to provide information for the guidance of the Smith College School for Social Work students. The information is subject to change, and the Smith College School for Social Work reserves the right to depart without notice from any policy or procedure referred to in this handbook. This handbook is not intended to be and should not be regarded as a contract between the Smith College School for Social Work and any student or other person.

Smith SSW Ph.D. Handbook

This handbook includes statements of the major policies and regulations of the Smith College School for Social Work. Faculty and students are expected to be conversant with its contents.

Statements in the Smith College School for Social Work's Ph.D. Program Handbook should be taken as the School's current determination of courses, programs, policies, tuition and fees as presently established. Admission to specific courses will be dependent on qualifications of the students and availability of instruction.

The School reserves the right to change its courses, programs policies, tuition and fees subsequent to the publication of this handbook.

Smith SSW Faculty Code

The Smith SSW Faculty Code contains the major policies and procedures relative to the teaching and conduct of both resident and adjunct faculty. 

Smith College Employee Handbook 

The Employee Handbook acquaints you with the employment policies and benefits for exempt/administrative staff, nonexempt/administrative support staff and members of the faculty in their status as employees of Smith College. These policies work in conjunction with, and do not replace or amend provisions in, the Faculty Code and Policies or any collective bargaining agreement Smith College has with a union.

Smith College Code of Conduct

The Smith College Code of Conduct outlines principles, policies and some of the laws that govern the activities of the college and to which our employees (faculty, staff and students) and others who represent the college must adhere.