Rory Crath, M.A., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Chair of the Research Sequence

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Contact Information

Lilly Hall 307



B.A., McMaster University

M.A., University of Toronto

Ph.D., University of Toronto


Crath has been involved with numerous community based, mixed-methods research initiatives focusing on queer men's health and well being and the governance of urban youth experiencing social and economic disenfranchisement and precariousness of citizenship. Crath’s research program addresses issues of

  1. social, health and economic disparity and exclusion,
  2. the political production and organization of social and health sciences knowledge about different socially disenfranchised urban communities,
  3. and the affective and aesthetic politics of belonging.

The overarching analytical scope of this program is a critical examination of the consolidation and mediation of knowledges in governance practices targeting the social lives and health of urban youth, immigrant communities and queer identified men. He is invested in interrogating how differently raced, classed, gendered and sexually lived lives come to be made meaningful or not, and are contested or accommodated through the exercise of circulating regimes of knowledge.

Rory Crath has more than 15 years of community-based experience working in the areas of homelessness, sexual health promotion and anti-poverty mobilization with queer, racialised, immigrant, two-spirit and transgender youth.


Selected Publications


Rory Crath, Adam Gaubinger & Cristian Rangel (2019) Studying the “sexuality-health-technology nexus”: a new materialist visual methodology, Culture, Health & Sexuality, DOI: 10.1080/13691058.2018.1558456

Park, Y.; Crath, R., and Jefferey, D. (2018). Disciplining the risky subject: a discourse analysis of the concept of resilience in social work literatureJournal of Social Work. First Published September 4, 2018. 

Crath, Rory (2017), 'Off the Wall': Reading Community mural making as a contestable site of youth governance. Journal of Youth Studies. Published online June 13, 2017. 

Crath, Rory & Rangel, Cristian (2017). Paradoxes of an assimilation politics: media production of gay male belonging in the Canadian ‘vital public’ from the tainted blood scandal to the present. Culture, Health and Sexuality. Published on line January 03, 2017.

Crath, Rory (2017). Governing young people as an aesthetic and spatial practice. Urban Studies. 54(5), pp. 1263–1279

Crath, Rory (2016). Monstrosities and Moral Publics. Mobilizing Aesthetic Knowledges in the Service of Urban Governance. Cultural Studies, 30(2), 261-288. 

Trevelyan, C., Crath, R., Chambon, A. (2014). Promoting Critical Reflexivity through Arts-Based Media: A Case Study. British Journal of Social Work, 44(1), 7-26.

Crath, R (2012). Belonging as a Mode of Interpretive In-between:  Image, Place and Space in the Video Works of Racialised and Homeless Youth. British Journal of Social Work, 42(1), 42-57.

Crath, R. (2010). “Reading Fanon in Homosexual Territory: Towards the Queering of a Queer Pedagogy” in George Dei (ed), Fanon and Critical Pedagogy. Peter Lang Pub: New York. 123-146


Selected Presentations

Crath, R., Rangel, C. (2016, January). Locating Gay Men in Canadian News Media's HIV Discourses. Presentation at Society for Social Work Research, Washington DC.

Crath, R. (2013) Governing Racialised and Economically Disenfranchised Youth in a Globalised Creative City: Community Mural Making as Expedient Resource for Healing Socio-economic Divides. Presentation at Critical Ethnic Studies Conference, Chicago, IL.