Ph.D. Curriculum

SSW doctoral student


Our doctoral curriculum operates on a block plan of instruction in which students alternate periods of classroom study with periods of clinical and research study in the field. Beginning in the summer of 2022, the program includes three summers of on-campus intensive study  and two intervening eight-month clinical practice internships and research internship.


The Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work requires 105 quarter hour credits as well as successful completion of the Oral and Written clinical exams, Comprehensive Exam and Dissertation to be eligible to graduate. Credits are required as:

69 quarter hours of core courses 
30 quarter hours of clinical internship
6 quarter hours of research and dissertation

Core Courses (beginning summer 2022)

  • First Summer Required Courses (10 courses, 24 quarter hours)
    • SOCW 801 - Clinical Practice I, 802 - Clinical Practice II, 805 - Intersectionality: Clinical Social Work with Historically Marginalized Populations, 810 - Clinical Theories I, 811 - Clinical Theories II, 820 - Social Work Research Methods I, 821 - Social Work Research Methods II, 823 - Qualitative Research and Inquiry I – Premises and Methods Overview, 824 - Qualitative Research and Inquiry II – Content Analysis and Thematic Analyses & 828 - Metaperspectives on Clinical Social Work: Paradigms for Social Work Practice
  • Second Summer Required Course (10 courses, 24 quarter hours)
    • SOCW 836 - Neurobiology of Behavior: Essentials for Social Work, 837 - Contemporary Trauma Theory and Practice, 843 - Relational Theory in Practice: Roots and Emergence of a Dialogue that led to a “Turn” in Psychodynamic Theory and Practice, 847 - Qualitative Research and Inquiry III – Grounded Theory and Participatory Action Research Models, 848 - Qualitative Research and Inquiry IV– Indigenous Methods and Discourse Analysis, 852 - The “Relational Turn” in Psychoanalysis: Emergence and Evolving Concepts in Social and Cultural Context, 855 - Health Disparities:  Policies and Their Impact on Practice, 857 - Research Focused Independent Study I, 858 - Intermediate Quantitative Data Analysis I & 859 - Intermediate Quantitative Data Analysis II
  • Third Summer Required Courses (10 courses, 21 quarter hours)
    • SOCW 865 - Senior Seminar in Clinical Social Work Theory and Practice: Uses of Self in Intersubjective Practice, 867 - Research Focused Independent Study II, 868 - The Science of Clinical Practice for Social Workers, 870 - Dissertation Design Seminar & 873 - Perspectives of Social Work Education: Focus on Andragogy, 832 - Perspectives on Social Work Education: Supervision, Faculty Field Advising and Consultation, 864 - Perspectives on Teaching & Learning in Social Work Education, 877 - Research Focused Independent Study III, 878 - Capstone course:  Integrating Psychoanalytic Theory, Research and Clinical Practice &  879 - Advanced Quantitative Data Analysis

Clinical Internship

Research and Dissertation