Major Due Dates

Important Planning Information for Standard Academic Year:

  • April tuition is for the first bill payment period which runs from 6/3/24 - 11/18/24.
  • October tuition is for the second bill payment period which runs from 11/19/24 - 4/25/25.
  • Annual Health Insurance (Year 1 and Year 2 students) and Final Summer Health Insurance can be waived if you have comparable coverage.
  • Annual Health Insurance charge is not set until late March.
  • Living on campus in the summer is optional.
  • In general, one-half of financial aid is applied to student accounts per BPP on the set disbursement dates: 6/3/2024 and 11/19/2024.
  • See Important Process Dates and Information for M.S.W. | Ph.D. | Current Students
  • Bills are generated in any month that additional fees/fines are incurred.

Ph.D. Standard Enrollment Academic Year 2023-24

Bill April 24Year 1Year 2Final Summer
Activity Fee$45 $45 $45 
Housing and Food Plan Summer 2023 $3,600 $3,600 $3,600
Health Insurance (final summer cost is estimated)$3,694$3,694$1,847
Total Due 5/15/23 $25,419 $25,419$21,762
Bill Oct. 24Year 1Year 2Final Summer
Health Insurance (estimated)$3,694$3,694N/A
Total Due 11/15/23$21,774$21,774N/A

 *Ph.D. Final Summer Tuition is $8,135 for 5 week degree requirement to graduate. Some students have elected for this upcoming summer to take an additional 5 weeks of classes = additional $8,135 charge.