Aid Policy

Domestic Students

All students and applicants are invited to submit an application for financial aid to the School.

The School aims to fund as many students as possible within our limited resources. We are not able to meet the full need of any applicant and, unfortunately, some students are deemed ineligible for Grant Aid. Enrolled students awarded financial aid in their first year are required to re-apply for aid in each academic year.

Please see our financial aid application deadlines for prospective. Outside aid could reduce or negate some forms of assistance offered.

Grant Aid

Applicants/Year 1 Student: Our determinations are based upon standard factors such as income, assets, family size and taxes paid as well as weighted factors which include age and student loan debt still owed.

Year 2 Student: The School makes every effort to maintain the level of Grant Aid originally offered for Year 1 into Year 2. In general, we are unable to consider a decrease in income or assets during the program as the majority of students do experience this change in circumstances once enrolled as a full time SSW student.

Final Summer Student: A student previously awarded Grant Aid in Year 1 and Year 2 may apply for up to $2,000 in Grant Aid for this final 10 week enrollment period. Otherwise, students should plan to finance this session through a federal loan or other personal resources. Please note that most Merit Scholarships are awarded only for Year 1 and Year 2 and not for the Final Summer.

Additional Consideration for Financial Aid

The School believes it is important to attract into the profession students particularly committed to working with communities of color. We also believe that students from diverse backgrounds who bring special talents invigorate our School and professional community and enable us to meet our obligations to educate leaders from all sectors of society. As a matter of social justice, the School wants to help overcome the present consequences of historical circumstances that have denied opportunities to individuals based on racial categories. Consequently, the School gives additional consideration in financial aid awards, beyond those in which need has already been established, to individuals who have demonstrated an extraordinary capacity and commitment to serve diverse and vulnerable populations.

Merit Scholarship

We award merit aid with a two-year commitment unless otherwise stated. However, students are required to maintain good academic standing in both coursework and internship as a condition on which to continue to receive the award.

International Students

Students who are neither U.S. citizens nor permanent residents are not eligible for financial assistance. International students may be eligible for a private alternative educational loan if they have a credit-worthy co-signor who is a U.S. resident.

Canadian students should contact the Canadian student loan office in their province to see if they may be eligible for a Canadian loan.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Qualitative Standard

Students in all School for Social Work degree programs must maintain a specified level of quality in their academic and internship work. Ph.D. students should review section 200 Academic Standards in the Ph.D. Program Handbook for a detailed description.

Quantitative Standard

Students in all School for Social Work degree programs must continue to make forward progress toward completing their degree. Particular attention should be paid to the Block Plan section, which details the required progression of the program. Ph.D. students should review section 500.4 of the Ph.D. Program Handbook for details on the maximum time frame that a student has to complete the degree.