Ph.D. Admission Process

Application Deadlines

Application Deadline: February 21

Admission Requirements

The Ph.D. program is open to candidates who have graduated from an accredited school of social work and have a period of post-master’s practice experience (we require a minimum of one year post-master’s experience, but prefer additional experience). We will consider applicants who do not have an M.S.W. degree but who have had closely related graduate education and postgraduate clinical practice experience.

We have a deep commitment to diversity and to the training of professionals to meet the needs of people of color. This commitment is reflected in the development of a diverse student body as well as diversity in the school’s faculty and staff.

Requesting a Deferral

The Admission Committee accepts requests for deferral for a one year period. To request a deferral, submit the Admission Reply Form and the $500 non-refundable Tuition Deposit by the deadline outlined in the offer of admission along with your written request for deferral. Approval notifications are sent within two weeks, at which time a non-refundable Deferral Fee of $150 is due. Email for additional details. 


The Admission Committee may initiate an interview if it feels one would be helpful; otherwise, interviews are not required in the application process. Informational interviews to discuss details of the program and questions about the application process are available by appointment by emailing

Ph.D. Application Notification and Decision

All complete applications will receive a decision on or before April 30. Upon acceptance, students must submit a $500 tuition deposit to reserve their place in the entering class; this non-refundable fee is applied to tuition.

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