Assignments and Evaluations

Learning Plan

Students complete their learning plans in early October in Sonia and review them carefully with their supervisor. Both student and supervisor sign and submit in Sonia by October 6, 2023.

Process Recordings

  • Each student is required to complete one process recording a week which should be read and responded to by their supervisor(s).
  • Process recordings serve to help students recall and reflect upon their work and provide important focus points for supervision.
  • Students are also asked to share their process recordings with their PFAs and practicum learning seminars.

Interim Progress Reports and Evaluations.

  • Interim Progress Reports are due to Sonia on October 9, 2023.
  • Full evaluations are due to Sonia in December and at the end of internship in April. You will find instructions and evaluation criteria in the M.S.W. Student Internship Education Guide.
  • The evaluation process is extremely important to the student’s learning and feedback should be given and discussed with the student in advance of when the evaluations are due.

All assignment due dates can be found on the Schedule and Calendars page.