Policies and Resources


  • Interns should receive a minimum of two hours of supervision weekly.
  • Both hours of supervision can be provided by the same primary M.S.W. supervisor or split between two individual supervisors and/or one hour of individual supervision and one hour of group supervision.
  • Primary supervisors must have their M.S.W. degree, a minimum of 2 years post-M.S.W., and be licensed in the state in which they practice.
  • Any proposed changes to the structure of two hours of individual M.S.W. supervision and/or supervisory assignments must be discussed with the practicum faculty adviser (PFA) and Office of Practicum Learning prior to the start of the internship year.


  • By mid-October students should have built to a full caseload of 12-15 direct service hours a week, which can be spent in a range of activities including work with groups, individuals, and families as well as outreach, clinical case management and work in the milieu.
  • Please give careful consideration when assigning cases to ensure that students get to work with as diverse a client population as possible and that supervisors review with students on an ongoing basis the range and composition of the student’s caseload and other learning assignments and activities.


Sonia is the system by which you and your student(s) will complete the supervisor internship evaluations and student internship assignments. Supervisors will be issued a username and password by the Office of Practicum Learning in early September. Refer to the clinical supervisor guide to assist you during the practicum year.


  • Each student/supervisor pair is assigned a practicum faculty adviser (PFA) who serves as a liaison between your agency and the school, as a consultant to the student’s learning process, and is available to work with you and students around any issues which may arise in the course of the internship.
  • Students submit monthly narratives and 2 written assignments to their PFAs during the year.
  • The PFA will visit with you and your student in-person or remotely in October-November and in March-April and will also be available to you as needed remotely or by phone throughout the year.

Internship Guide

Detailed information about the structure of our program and the expectations for the internship can be found in M.S.W. Student Practicum Education Guide.