Advanced Standing Status

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What's it really like to be an advanced standing student at Smith SSW?

Advanced Standing allows students to begin their academic journey as a second year student and to complete their M.S.W. degree in just 15 months.

B.S.W. graduates bring a unique set of skills and commitment to social work; Smith recognizes this and is eager to welcome them to our community! In recognition of this significant professional grounding, Smith offers Advanced Standing Status for any applicant who has completed their B.S.W. from a program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. 

Those with advanced standing start by entering directly into second-year classes in June, move directly into a second-year field internships from September to April, return for final electives in June, and then graduate in August. Because our field placements include 960 field hours, Smith Advanced Standing graduates leave with nearly twice as many internship hours as any other school for social work graduate. This makes them more professionally confident and competent professionals.


Advanced Standing Program Curriculum

The typical summer course meets twice a week in classes of two hours each and provides two quarter-hours of credit each term. Courses that meet six hours per week provide three quarter-hours of credit each term. 

First summer

301/302 Clinical Social Work Practice

331 Comparative Psychodynamic Theories for Clinical Social Work Practice

191 Agency and Community Practice

334 Racism in the United States: Implications for Social Work Practice

380/381 Social Work Research Methods (Introductory) or *382/383 Social Work Research Methods (Intermediate) or *384/385 Social Work Research Methods (Advanced)

3 Elective Courses

*Placement sections are based on the prior background and experience students bring to the program.

First winter

400 Field Internship

450 Field Seminar

233 Community Practice Anti-Racism Experience

Second summer

582 Evidence-based Practice 

8-9 Elective Courses

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