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Graduate Certificate Programs

graduate certificate programs

The Smith College School for Social Work Program of Continuing Education is proud to offer certificate programs for clinicians in Advanced Clinical Supervision as well as Palliative and End-of-Life Care.

We’ve designed the certificate programs in consultation with Smith faculty, agency directors and field experts in order to create programs that are current and responsive. Certificate instructors are master clinician/academicians whose expertise enriches the content.

Changes in the context of practice have diminished support for supervisors, while intensifying the demands they face. Further, managed care and budget cuts have eliminated many supervisory positions, as well as training for the supervisors who remain. At the same time, many licensing boards across the country require weekly supervision for social workers who provide clinical services. 


  • Master’s degree in social work or another mental health profession
  • Three years of supervisory experience in a clinical setting
  • Currently providing supervision to either staff, students or on a consultation basis to agencies or others in private practice

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Social workers encounter situations of life threatening illness, death, dying and bereavement in every setting in which they work. This certificate provides an opportunity for social workers to deepen clinical and leadership skills in palliative care and participate in relational ways of learning in a community of colleagues with an outstanding faculty of leaders in the field. There are a growing number of individuals and families in need of palliative care.

Clinical social work interventions have never been more needed, yet there is a lack of highly-trained clinical social workers prepared to effectively address the complex needs of those facing the end of life. The person who is ill, their family, social supports, health care providers, and clergy members all benefit from the skills of social workers specially trained in this area.


  • Master’s degree in social work or psychology
  • At least two years of post-master’s experience
  • Applicants must be in current practice in palliative or end of life care

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