M.S.W. Financial Aid Appeals

Admitted Applicants Appeals

Admitted Applicants can appeal an award if they feel there is additional information that SFS did not taken into consideration in the original award determination.

Returning Second Year Students Appeals

Returning students must apply for need-based aid for each new academic year of graduate study. The School makes every effort to maintain the level of financial aid originally offered into a student’s second year. Unfortunately, our funding is limited and, in general, we are unable to consider a decrease in income or assets during the program as the majority of students do experience this change in circumstances once enrolled as a full time SSW student. Returning students experiencing emergency circumstances (illness, etc.) may submit an appeal.

Final Summer Students

Final summer students who will enter their final summer session may apply for up to $2,200 in need-based grant aid; otherwise, students should plan to finance this session through federal loans or other personal resources.

Submitting an Appeal

To appeal a financial aid award, please complete our M.S.W Appeal FormThis form is available as a Downloadable Form in Net Partner and must be received at the School by April 1st. Admitted applicant appeals are considered on a rolling basis and will be placed in queue for the Appeal Committee upon receipt.