Alumni Network Listserv

The SSW Alumni Network Listserv welcomes all SSW alumni to connect with and support fellow Smith College SSW alums. The Listserv invites alums to access resources, refer clients, find jobs, advertise job openings, share professional trainings and readings and engage in lively discussion and debate. 

Join the Smith SSW Alumni Network Listserv

If you would like to join the Smith College SSW Alum Network please send us an email from the account you want to use to David Goodman with the following info:

  • Subject line "Join Smith College SSW Alum Network"
  • Full name
  • Email address for the membership - please specify the email you would like added to the membership
  • Current location (State / Country)
  • Year of graduation from Smith College SSW

That's it! You will be added promptly to the Network by one of the moderators listed below. If at any time you would like to unsubscribe from the Network simply send an email to

Why a New Network? 

Those of you who’ve been involved with Smith College SSW’s existing regional listservs were recently moved to Google groups when Yahoo stopped supporting listservs.  Now comes another change. Here's why.

So many crucial issues facing our clients and communities are national in scope.  Concerns such as the pandemic, economic hardship and systemic racism, to name a few, transcend geographic regions. A more encompassing networking group will make it easier for us to learn from and lean on each other. 

The pandemic has highlighted the ways in which we are able to connect over great distances.  With Zoom, Google Meet and other platforms, people can readily participate in seminars, conferences and other activities far from where they live. This NEW network will make it easier for all of us to take advantage of opportunities outside of our specific region.

Since 2006 our regional listservs have connected and supported Smith College SSW alums, helping us to access resources, refer clients, find jobs, advertise job openings, share professional trainings and readings, and spark lively discussion and debate.  The Smith College SSW Alum Network will simply expand our web of connections. 

Network Etiquette


To make it easy for people in the group to triage emails, please indicate geographical information in the subject line (e.g. “seeking therapist in Boston” for a specific location, or “national zoom conference on early parent loss” for things that are accessible regardless of location). 

Use of Reply-All

The default setting for replies is that the sender chooses the recipient(s). Please be judicious and only use the reply-all option in the limited circumstances when the matter is of interest to the entire group.


When seeking referrals or resources for clients, use generic descriptions to safeguard your clients’ privacy.  


To unsubscribe from the group send an email to at anytime

Network Moderators

Carol Fizer, M.S.W. '82, Boston area

David Goodman, M.S.W. '77, Maryland/DC/Virginia